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BankCard Services' Referral Bank Program enables financial institutions to increase income and strengthen cross selling opportunities. BankCard Services can approve merchants that do not meet most banks' business type requirements, 

Those who are new in business, home based or mail/phone order businesses. Banks can then open up business checking accounts and cross sell other financial services to increase fee based income. BankCard Services accepts all financial responsibility and liability.

Over 800,000 new small businesses are created each year-many by veteran employees of high tech, aerospace and financial services who have been displaced by mergers or downsizing. At least 45 percent of these businesses are home based. These prospective new business owners may own their own home have a substantial savings account and a lucrative severance package. Often, once they decide to start their own business, they are surprised to find that their own bank will not accept them.  BankCard Services can help maintain this relationship. 

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Through the BankCard Services' Referral Bank Program, the financial institution does not have to lose these accounts. BankCard Services is able to provide transaction processing for these non-traditional merchants. BankCard Services is not a competitor, they are a complement to the bank's own bankcard merchant services.

BankCard Services does not offer any other financial services. Bankcard deposits are forwarded to the merchant's account at the bank through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Banks do not have to get involved with chargebacks or disputes, even if the chargebacks overdraw the account. Chargebacks are sent back through the ACH with absolutely no financial liability to the bank. 

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Bank branches have business development goals to attract more new business relationships, but their bankcard merchant services division will not sign certain types of businesses to accept credit cards. Some do not accept any mail/phone order accounts. From a credit viewpoint, a bankcard merchant is an unsecured, unlimited line of credit risk that the bank has little control over. One fraudulent merchant can cost the bank hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Branch bankers become frustrated when an opportunity to attract a new business account is declined due to the merchant business being considered "high risk". The merchant is declined, gets up and goes to a competitor bank. This merchant may have several other accounts at the bank and now they, too, are at risk. This would not be the case if the bank were participating in BankCard Services' Referral Bank Program. With BankCard Services as a strategic partner, the banker can accommodate the merchant, open the business checking account and cross sell other financial services. 

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  1. BankCard Services accepts all financial liability. This eliminates the financial institution's loss exposure. There is no capital investment or increased overhead and shareholder interests are protected.
  2. BankCard Services has the highest merchant application approval ratio: 95. This means more business customers, a more complete package of merchant services, and an additional competitive barrier.
  3. BankCard Services has the quickest application processing: 4 business days. Merchants are installed and begin depositing sooner. Excellent service is provided from the beginning of the relationship.
  4. BankCard Services has the largest sales force: Over 110 sales people nationwide. This allows faster response to merchant referrals and better coverage in key markets.
  5. BankCard Services provides comprehensive reports on the sales cycle and financial impact. These reports provide accountability throughout the sales cycle.

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The Referral Bank Program works as follows. The bank faxes a referral form to Corporate. The referral is then entered into Bank Marketing's database and then faxed to the appropriate Agent office. The merchant is to be contacted within twenty-four hours. One week after receipt of the lead, telephone surveys are conducted to determine the Sales Representative's responsiveness and integrity. Once the merchant completes an application, the referral form is placed on top of the packet for New Accounts. At the end of each month, a report is forwarded to each Agent office participating in the program. Each referral's status is updated and the report returned to Bank Marketing. A report is prepared for the bank, and a check for each approved account is enclosed with the report. Please remember Agents and Sales Representative are prohibited from visiting, or soliciting business from, any branch of a bank currently enrolled in the Referral Bank Program. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in termination of the Agent or Sales Representative's relationship with BankCard Services.

BankCard Services' merchant Referral Program for financial institutions, introduced in November of 1997, has been well received by financial institutions across the country. Below is a list of the current participants. 

Current Customers in our Referral Bank Program:
·         Nara Bank (20 branches in 3 states)
·         Hanmi Bank (13 branches in California)
·         Center Bank (15 branches in California)
·         Asiana Bank (2 branches in California)
·         Saehan Bank (9 branches in California)
·         Wilshire State Bank (19 branches in 3 states)
·         Woori America Bank (17 branches in 3 states)
·         Mirae Bank (4 branches in 3 states)
·         Pacific Intercontinental Bank (4 branches in Washington)
·         Metro City Bank (3 branches in Georgia)
·         First International Bank (2 branches in Georgia)

Asiana Bank

Corporate Headquarter: 408.345.0280

Center Bank,
strives to be the preferred financial service provider in the communities we serve through exceptional employees delivering superior customer satisfaction.  Center Bank is a full-service commercial bank founded in 1986 in Los Angeles.  Center Bank provides comprehensive financial services for small to medium sized business owners in the greater Los Angeles area.  18 branches and 8 loan production offices throughout the region give convenient access to customer in major residential and commercial communities.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.251.2222

Nara Bank
, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nara Bankcorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: NARA), and was founded in 1989 as a community bank in Southern California.  Nara Bank continuously strives to provide competitive and business-oriented values center on integrity in business conduct.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.235.3220

First International Bank

Corporate Headquarter:

Hanmi Bank
, established in 1982, was founded to serve the Korean-American Community.  Hanmi Bank believes that banking should be based on building personal relationships with their customers, and their success in carrying out this philosophy has proven to be their finest investment.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.382.2200

Metro City Bank
, is a state chartered bank and FDIC insured financial institution.  Metro City Bank offers a wide spectrum of financial products and services tailored to meet the needs of their customers, which include small business owners, professionals, consumers and real estate developers in the proposed market area.

Corporate Headquarter: 770.455.4989

Mirae Bank
, established in 2002 as a community bank financially supported by local residents and business owners.  Mirae Bank caters toward the banking needs of small to medium sized businesses and professionals within the greater southern California area.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.427.7900

Saehan Bankcorp
, is a bank holding company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California.  It's wholly owned subsidiary, Saehan Bank, offers a comprehensive range of financial solutions to meet the financial needs of the communities in Los Angeles and Orange counties.  Saehan Bankcorp is committed in satisfying their customer and in creating shareholder value.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.388.5550

Wilshire State Bank
, subsidiary of Wilshire Bancorp Inc. (NASDAQ: WIBC), commenced operation in 1980 with a mission to serve an overlooked multi-ethnic small business community.  Their success relies on their continuing commitment to support their multi-ethnic communities with high quality financial solutions, delivered with friendly and professional service that exceeds all expectations.

Corporate Headquarter: 213.387.3200

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